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SCDAA's mission is: "To advocate for and enhance our membership's ability to improve the quality of health, life and services for individuals, families and communities affected by sickle cell disease and related conditions, while promoting the search for a cure for all people in the world with sickle cell disease."

Member Organizations are therefore the foundation of what SCDAA is built on. We realize that in order to reach as many Sickle Cell Disease patients and other stakeholders as possible, we must work alongside Community Based Organizations. By working together, we create a strong network that makes a difference in the lives of those affected by Sickle Cell Disease.

As a Member Organization of SCDAA, you will be able to share best practices, challenges, ideas to overcome obstacles, and your stories with other Sickle Cell Disease organization nationwide. You will be positioned to work with other local organizations and with the National office to execute events, fundraisers, programs, and projects.

SCDAA will advocate for your organization by establishing relationships with Federal agencies and representatives, with foundations, corporations, and with other funding sources. We will work tirelessly to support your organization by providing face-to-face and remote trainings, on-site visits, strategic planning assistance, and other support needed. SCDAA will work with you to increase your fundraising initiatives on local, state, and federal levels; provide assistance in your organizational development endeavors; and continuously enhance educational awareness about the latest research and studies on the Disease and the progress on finding a cure.

Apply for Chapter Membership: Download Membership Application

Contact SCDAA at (410) 528-1555; FAX: (410) 528-1495; for additional information, questions, and concerns.

SCDAA Member Organization Classes:


Sickle Cell Disease organizations that meet the membership requisites, pay an annual assessment fee, and comply with SCDAA membership requirements. Click here for benefits and additional information.

*Chapter organizations must not be located within 50 miles of another chapter. They can be located, however, within 50 miles of Affiliate and Honorary Member Organizations.


Organizations that are not solely Sickle Cell Disease organizations, but are affiliated with the field and the cause. Click here for benefit and additional information.

*Affiliates can be located within 50 miles of other affiliate organizations, chapters, and honorary members.

Honorary Members

Organizations selected by the Board who have rendered outstanding service to the Association or to the cause of Sickle Cell Disease.

*Honorary Members can be located within 50 miles of other Honorary Members, Chapters, and Affiliates.

Individual Member

If you are interested in becoming an Individual Member, please click here for more information.

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