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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall have and may exercise all of the powers and duties of the Board of Directors between meetings of the Board.



Awards Committee

The Awards Committee addresses the awards given to individuals with sickle cell disease.



Budget & Personnel Committee

The Budget and Personnel Committee will advise the Board of Directors on the Budget and role, function, administration, and management of the Association.



By-Laws Committee

The By-Laws Committee works to update the SCDAA By-Laws, it may address issues of governance as it pertains to the By-Laws.



Convention Committee

The Convention Committee will recommend and assist in the correlation of activities and plenary sessions for the annual SCDAA convention.



Fundraising & Public Relations Committee

The Fund Development and Public Relations Committee will advise the Board of Directors on overall strategies and programs for fundraising, public and community relations objectives, policies, and programs.



Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee works with SCDAA's legislative liaison in addressing advocacy issues facing the sickle cell community with legislators and other government agencies.



International Affairs Committee

The International Affairs Committee will advise the Board of Directors on relationships and programs internationally that support the mission and vision of SCDAA.


Membership Review Committee

 The Membership Review Committee will advise the Board of Directors on all matters relating to Membership and shall make recommendations for the acceptance of Membership in the Association.



Nominating Committee

 The Nominating Committee shall prepare and submit to the Annual Membership Meeting ballots to fill vacancies for The Board of Directors.


Program Committee

The Program Committee will advise the Board of Directors on programs which encompass the purpose of the Association.



Scholarships Committee

The Scholarship Committee develops the announcement and application yearly for the Kermit B. Nash scholarship and the Post-Doctoral Fellowship.



Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is shall be responsible for reviewing and analyzing the Annual Audit (internal and external) of the Association.



Time & Place Committee

The Time and Place Committe is responsible for choosing the specific time(dates) and place(host city) for SCDAA’s Annual Convention.



Executive Leadership Council





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