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SCDAA Announces Kwame Ohene-Frempong Fund

Kwame Ohene Frempong Fund for Informational Support for Professionals in Sickle Cell


Dear Friends:
Kwame Ohene-Frempong, son of Janet and Kwaku-Ohene-Frempong (KOF), passed away May 1st, 2013. Dr. Kwaku Ohene-Frempong, a long-term Board Member of SCDAA, has served as President, Chief Medical Officer, and Board Chairman. Ms. Janet Ohene-Frempong has assisted SCDAA in developing educational materials for several projects.

You may remember that Kwame participated in a panel discussion at our 40th Annual Sickle Cell Disease Association of America's National Convention in September 2013. The panel discussion focused on those who were the first to participate in, or benefit from pivotal clinical research for sickle cell disease.
Kwame, one of the first babies to benefit from newborn screening and penicillin prophylaxis, shared his impressions about what it was like to live with sickle cell disease during the early penicillin and hydroxyurea eras. Kwame, who was 40 years old and the father of two beautiful children, gave a positive perspective. His father was the moderator for the panel, his mother was in the audience and his 4-year old son was present while sleeping on his grandmother's lap. We will treasure this memory always.
The family respectfully requests that you consider donating to a special fund in Kwame's name through the National Office of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. This fund, co-managed with Kwame's family, will be used to support programs with the following long-held goal of the family:
"To provide support for health care professionals, on implementing best practices for caring for people who have sickle cell disease with the goal of closing the gap between knowledge and practice."



To donate to the Kwame Ohene-Frempong Fund and send your words of encouragement, please click here.

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