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SCDAA Announces National Child Ambassador

Tiahna Hughes is a 10 year old athlete who hails from Markham, Illinois. Tiahna’s talents include softball, bowling, and basketball. Having excelled as a girl scout and a diverse athlete, Tiahna understands the meaning of hard work and dedication. She plans to use these qualities as SCDAA’s newest, young ambassador. Not only is she accomplished in sports, but Tiahna knows the value of a great education as she cites reading and writing on the list of her favorite things to do. As a child with sickle cell disease, Tiahna has developed an infectious zeal for defying odds and shares this trait with everyone she meets. We are proud to have Tiahna as our national child ambassador and we look forward to our future projects.

Click here to see Tiahna's very first audition video as a contestant during the National Child Ambassador Competition!

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