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SCDAA and its member organizations engage in community outreach and program efforts throughout the United States and Canada. These efforts may include but are not limited to: educational campaigns that build awareness of SCD and related conditions and programs that provide services such as genetic testing and counseling, case management and psychosocial support for individuals and families impacted by sickle cell disease.

Presently SCDAA serves as the first and only National Coordinating and Evaluation Center (NCEC) for the Sickle Cell Disease and Newborn Screening Program. We also sponsor scholarships such as Kermit B. Nash and Post Doctoral Fellowships to students pursuing their educational goals. In addition SCDAA has been tasked with creating educational materials for the Hispanic community. The development and promotion of these publications will aid Hispanics in understanding SCD and improving their overall health outcomes.

As SCDAA aggressively continues to combat the many challenges of sickle cell disease it is anticipated that many new programs will be developed in the near future in an effort to effectively serve those populations affected by SCD.

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2015 Lonzie Lee Jones Patient Advocacy Symposium

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