Raising Money and Giving Grants to Member Organizations in the United States
The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America has launched a COVID-19 Emergency Fund Campaign to rapidly raise $100,000 in the next 10 days. These funds will help us deploy critical resources to nonprofits that serve patients with sickle cell disease, and their families, through sicklecelldisease.org/covid-19.
The sickle cell community is most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an inherited blood disorder. It alters the flow of hemoglobin, the red blood cell molecule that delivers life-giving oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues, causing damage. This leads to debilitating pain episodes.
“We’re facing an unparalleled challenge and it requires all of us working together to support those most impacted in our communities,” said Beverley Francis-Gibson, President of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.
We are working together to assess where assistance may be needed, accept donations, and allocate funding to SCDAA’s nonprofit member organizations, which are on the frontline of providing support in the way of assisting with food security, housing, childcare and healthcare.
“Through this fund, we will coordinate with supporters, peers in philanthropy, industry and business to respond to the urgent health and economic needs of patients with sickle cell disease. I have no doubt that we will reach our initial goal of raising $100,000 in 10 days in record time,” said Francis-Gibson.
Donations to the SCDAA COVID-19 Emergency Fund can be made at www.sicklecelldisease.org/covid-19.
The opportunity for nonprofits to apply for funding will be available at sicklecelldisease.org/covid-19 on a rolling basis.
SCDAA’s nonprofit member organizations that meet the basic needs of patients with sickle cell disease are eligible for operating support including those that provide child care, food, housing, health care, mental health and tele health services, as well as those that support our local health care system and frontline health care workers.
This unprecedented public health crisis is rapidly evolving and SCDAA will be monitoring the situation and adjusting efforts as necessary.
For more information, go to www.sicklecelldisease.org.