It is important for our elected officials to hear from their constituents and others who have expertise on an issue. Meeting and calling your legislators and her/his staff members to let them know that you and your organization have information and expertise can be extremely helpful to them. Let them know that you can be a resource to them. Let your voce be heard!
Click here to find your house representative.
Click here to find your senator.
-You can find out who they are by plugging in your zip code.
-Their email addresses are provided and you can share your story by sending them a personal letter.
-Email your letters, including your name and address.
-Adding a personal touch to your letter is always meaningful.

Tips for writing a letter to your representative:

-Address the representative with the correct salutation (Dear Senator name, or Dear Representative name, or Dear Governor name).
-Reference the bill by its name and by the House or Senate file number and clearly describe the issue.
-Be concise when stating the issue and let your elected official know how you want them to vote in your first sentence.
-Be specific, and if relevant, provide an example of how the issue affects your district.
-Know your facts. Do not provide inaccurate or misleading information.
-Be cordial when asking for the legislator’s support or opposition.
-Thank the legislator for their and attention to your letter.
-Follow-up letter with a phone call.