During a sickle cell pain crisis, time is of the essence. SCDAA and MedicAlert have launched a pilot program designed to improve the emergency room experience for sickle cell warriors. Learn more about the program and how to get involved.


  1. Participants complete their MedicAlert digital health profile, which contains their physician-approved pain plan, their hematologist’s contact information and vital health data.
  2. Participants receive a customized Smart Medical ID Card that links to their health information and pain plan via a QR code.
  3. During pain crises, participants present their Smart Medical ID Card to the emergency room staff, who can easily scan the card to get the information they need about the patient’s history and treatment plan.


  • MedicAlert Smart Medical ID Card
    • The card uses a QR code to link to your MedicAlert health profile.
  • 1 year Advantage Plus Protection Plan
    • Your membership plan includes a self-managed health profile. That’s where you store your SCD pain plan, contact details for your hematologist and other providers, as well as vital health information such as allergies, other medical conditions, medications you’re currently taking, surgical history, emergency contacts, and more.
    • By scanning the QR code, ED personnel will have immediate access to your health profile, including your SCD pain plan (if one is provided), as well as all the other important information in your record.  

The ID Card and protection plan are provided free of charge to participants. 


To be admitted to the program, you must:

  • Have a confirmed sickle cell diagnosis
  • Be age 18 or older
  • Live in one of the following states: CA-California, CT-Connecticut, FL-Florida, GA-Georgia, IL-Illinois, LA-Louisiana, MA-Massachusetts, MI-Michigan, NJ-New Jersey, NY-New York, OH-Ohio, PA-Pennsylvania, SC-South Carolina
  • Agree to always present your MedicAlert Smart ID Card when you go to an ED for a pain crisis
  • Input your medical information and SCD pain plan into your MedicAlert digital health profile
  • Complete a pre-pilot survey, post-ED visit survey, and post-pilot survey
  • Agree to accept a monthly text message on your mobile phone regarding the pilot
  • Be consistently responsive to program administrators

To learn more and apply, visit www.medicalert.org/sicklecellpilot.