Training Programs

Cohort National Community Health Worker Training Program

SCDAA Spring 2024 CHW Training
Mondays, March 4 – April 29

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Our training program covers the core competencies of community health workers, and includes additional concentration on sickle cell disease. Virtual lectures, online in-class assignments and homework provide a wide array of learning opportunities. This structured course is offered throughout the year.

Interactive Webinar

Classes are taught using a live interactive webinar format. Instructors are national leaders in their respective fields. The interactive format allows students to learn from industry leaders without having to travel. We utilize a user-friendly webinar software to ensure the class is accessible for all levels of technological expertise.

Field Experience
A valuable part of the CHW training program is obtained through the hands on field work experience provided by our partner community based organizations within your local area. Preceptorships require 40 hours of clinic, community and field experience.

The National Community Health Worker exam assesses student knowledge and skills obtained during program training. Analysis of student learning includes evaluating the knowledge, skills, and abilities that will be utilized in both the community and medical settings such as: learning duties of a CHW, providing patient intake services, presentation and communication skills, linking resources, building community relationships and more.

If you have any questions, please contact SCDAA Community Impact and Education Manager Kevin Amado at or call 410-528-1555.

Online National Community Health Worker Supervisor Training Program

The SCDAA Community Health Worker (CHW) Supervisors Training supplies managers with the tools and techniques they will need to manage CHWs. This online training consists of a video PowerPoint presentation and CHW management resources. This course is designed to help supervisors understand their CHWs and learn how to best provide them with support, guidance and direction.