What happened to poster sessions? Will I need to print a poster? 
Registered attendees can view all accepted abstracts throughout the entire meeting (and up to 2 weeks after the convention). Attendees can submit comments to the author online in the convention software app. All accepted abstracts are encouraged to have a 5-minute video and a static poster that presents the work (SCDAA will provide instructions upon acceptance). The online gallery of abstracts, videos, and posters will be the virtual convention replacement for inviting the authors to stand with their posters displayed in an in-person convention. There is no need to print a physical poster.
What about oral sessions? 
Top-scoring abstracts will have a live virtual presentation and Q&A in a “virtual poster walk” format, which will replace simultaneous sessions for oral presentations this year for the virtual convention. Each “virtual poster walk” will have a discussion leader and virtual group. They will view author presentations and discuss abstracts that share a topic. Chosen abstracts will present in 6 clusters in 75-90 minutes on Tuesday, October 12 (SCDAA will provide instructions upon acceptance).
Will there be abstract scoring and judging?
Yes. Awards for top abstracts in each category, including trainees, will be presented at the Gala on Friday evening.
I am not familiar with the formats of virtual poster walk and presentation by video – can’t I email a poster file to you?
SCDAA and the convention committee are working hard to build opportunities for interaction between attendees and authors and celebrate the top-scoring abstracts. Authors are welcome to dress professionally for their video presentation or live Q&A for the poster walk.
Still, I wouldn’t say I like this new format.
We recognize that these formats will not feel the same as presenting your work in person. Due to the surges in the global COVID-19 pandemic, the convention remains virtual to protect everyone involved. Look how we are saving you money for airfare, lodging, and meals! Not traveling and not printing posters also means a smaller carbon footprint for the environment.
Will abstracts be accepted late? What is the absolute deadline? Doesn’t SCDAA always extend the deadline?
The absolute deadline is July 9, 2021; there will be NO extensions this year! The organizers have built a timeline with barely enough time for the volunteer judges to look for conflicts of interest, score the abstracts, and structure the abstract sessions. We know that everybody is busy, but please meet the deadline.