Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. strives to create a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.

Integrity: I will demonstrate honesty and strong moral principles at SCDAA.

Excellence: I will deliver my best in all I do and hold myself and others accountable for the results.

Respect: I will show consideration for myself and for other co-workers including consideration for other people’s privacy, their physical space and belongings; and respect their different viewpoints, philosophies, physical ability, beliefs and personality.

Good Stewardship: I will be a good steward of resources and practices that are in the organizations’ best interest.

Courage: I will reassess my beliefs, behaviors, assumptions and control issues that keep the organization stuck in outdated modes of operation and be willing to change the status quo.

Self-Improvement: I will seek to improve myself as I seek to understand how my role contributes to the organization’s mission and goals.

Motivation: I will exert high levels of effort towards my specific role and towards the organizational goals.

Listening: I will communicate openly and ask questions that promote conversation, listen to the answers, remain open to new ideas, and embrace feedback.

Celebration: I will support and participate in an atmosphere of recognition and celebration for individual milestones and organizational achievements.